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Get Peace of Mind With Personal Insurance

No one likes to contemplate disaster. But the reality is, it happens. Fires, storms, car accidents—they take place every day. And while you hope they don’t happen to you, you can prepare yourself in case they do. Let us give you the peace of mind that comes with the right personal insurance.

As an independent insurance agency, Hermann Insurance Services, Inc. works with over 30 insurance companies. We’re not bound by one company’s underwriting rules or limited to selling only one company’s policies. Because we’re independent, we can assemble the exact personal insurance you need at the most competitive price.

And while we always look for discounts and ways to bundle your policies to deliver the best value, our first priority is to make sure your coverage fully protects you and your family.

Protect What Matters Most With the Right Insurance

Without the right kind of coverage, a loss like a motorcycle accident or a house fire could devastate you and your family, physically, emotionally, and financially. Hermann Insurance Services, Inc. will find you the personal insurance coverage that protects what matters most to you.


A variety of coverages are available to protect you from losses that might occur due to fire, storms, or other damage. Ask our agents about coverage for your dwelling, your personal property, expenses (such as the cost of a hotel) if your home is uninhabitable after a loss and liability coverage that protects you financially against injury or property damage sustained by someone else while on your property.


Even if you don’t own the structure, you still want to protect the contents. Renters insurance policies ensure your personal property—furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry—are covered against loss due to fire, theft, or other events. Discuss your needs with our agents to make sure you’re covered.


Whether you rent or own the family farm, you need coverage that protects your home, personal property, farm structure, machinery, tools, and more. Talk to our agents about putting together the right policies to protect your interests.


Auto insurance not only covers damage to your car after a collision, it also covers personal injury, liability, and protects you if you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist. Consult with our agents regarding all forms of auto insurance including preferred auto insurance, high-risk insurance, classic/collector insurance, and more.


Even when they’re especially cautious, motorcyclists can be particularly vulnerable to accidents because of careless drivers, bad road conditions, inclement weather, and other circumstances. Our agents will make sure you’re protected with motorcycle insurance that covers bodily injury, motorcycle damage, theft, vandalism, and more. 


You wear protective gear on your ATV because you know it’s smart. Protecting yourself and your ATV with ATV insurance is a wise choice too. Our agents can show you policies that cover ATV damage, bodily injury, property damage, liability and more.


From your fishing boat with trolling motor to your luxury sailboat, watercraft insurance should cover a variety of risks, including the boat and trailer, along with coverage for bodily injury, liability and more. Contact our agents to find the policy that suits you.


For many folks, their RV is like a home on wheels. Whether you’ve got a pop-up that sleeps two, or a luxury RV that accommodates ten, you want to ensure your camper is protected against risk for damage, bodily injury, collision, and more. Ask our agents to recommend the best option for you.

Disability Insurance

Sometimes recovery from an injury or illness can take a long time. If you’re unable to work for that period, it can cripple you financially. Our agents can recommend the best disability insurance that’s right for you to ensure you’re protected for the long run.

Life Insurance

Knowing that your loved ones are cared for after you’re gone is the greatest benefit of life insurance. From term insurance to whole life insurance, our agents can customize coverage to make sure your family’s future is secure.

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At Hermann Insurance Services, Inc. we’ve been serving the insurance needs for folks in Chisago, Isanti, Pine, and Kanabec counties and surrounding areas for 50 years. We want to give you the benefit of that experience by providing you with the right coverage at the right price. Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote.

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