Dave Burczek

Dave is a seasoned insurance agent with nearly 40 years at Hermann Insurance Services, Inc. From personal to commercial, he has experience with it all. His understanding, leadership and wisdom are priceless assets to our agency.

A Full Life of Experience to Share

Dave is the most senior insurance agent at Hermann Insurance, with nearly forty years at the agency. Over the decades, he has been involved in many aspects of insurance including both personal and commercial lines for businesses.

His experience empowers him to help you choose the best insurance policy for you and your family or your business. Choosing an insurance policy for your home, vehicle, business or your health can be a difficult process. Dave excels in navigating the process, leading you each step of the way.

Leading as a Diplomat

Every family needs a diplomat—someone who knows how to navigate the most difficult of situations. At Hermann Insurance, Dave has been named the Senior Diplomat for his ability to handle tough situations for each of our clients.

Whether you have experienced a loss and need assistance with life insurance or are going through the stressful motions of purchasing health insurance, Dave leads with sensitivity and the knowledge that only years of experience can bring. As a husband, father and grandfather, Dave brings a higher level of understanding to our family of agents.

Call Dave at Hermann Insurance for Your Insurance Needs

If you are looking to purchase an insurance policy and don’t know where to start, Dave is available to help you make sense of it all. Reach out to him today by calling Hermann Insurance at 651-674-4472 or send us a message through our quote request form. We look forward to offering you a free no-obligation quote to better understand your needs.