Jewel Lessman

Jewel is a CISR designated insurance agent at Hermann Insurance, specializing in personal insurance policies. Offering 30 years of experience in the field, she has a passion for delivering the best service and finding the best value for each of her clients.

Focused on Delivering Value and Relationship

Insurance policies are an investment that must be considered prior to purchasing. And often, it is easy to think it isn’t worth the cost. However, Jewel believes in the importance of having insurance for you and your family. Because of this importance, Jewel works hard to provide you with the best-valued policy for your needs.

Hermann Insurance possesses a portfolio of insurance companies to choose from, putting the power back into your hands. Jewel helps you shop for and choose an insurance company that you are comfortable with that fits the restraints of your budget. She places emphasis on relationship, finding joy in getting to know you and your family.

Carrying a Legacy of Customer Service

Jewel started her initial career as a file clerk followed by becoming a customer service representative. She enjoyed delivering a high level of customer service to others. Soon, she was given the opportunity to receive her insurance license. As soon as she stepped into her role as an agent, she knew she had found her home.

Jewel has earned the Certified Insurance Service Representative designation, giving her the advantage of understanding the insurance industry even deeper. She is also licensed in life and health insurance. Using this knowledge and her 30 years of experience, Jewel aims to provide each client with the information needed to make informed decisions about their policies.

Call Jewel to Find an Insurance Policy That Is Right for You

Your budget and unique needs matter to us. If you’re ready to purchase an insurance policy that fits you perfectly, reach out to us today by calling 651-674-4472 or send us a message through our quote request form. Jewel is ready to assist you with finding the perfect policy for your family, with a smile at the door.